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Howto mount nrg image - Ubuntu Forums: "Howto mount nrg image
Hello i found and used this nautilus script to mount iso files

Now i needed also nrg image mounting and tried the howto over here
I followed the steps and had problems during the install of cdemu (which i understand is only needed for bin files?).

I can still use iso mounting with the updated mount and unmount scripts for nautilus.
But nrg is not working.

Any ideas or a howto for nrg script nautilus working for edgy?

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Re: Howto mount nrg image
There's a program called nrg2iso that would allow you to convert .nrg to .iso and then you can mount it as you would with any other .iso file. It's in the repos...


sudo aptitude update
sudo aptitude install nrg2iso

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Re: Howto mount nrg image
Thank you taurus,
it works quiet fast with big filesizes too .

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