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Mark Zuckerberg: An Entrepreneur’s Perspective

Mark Zuckerberg: An Entrepreneur’s Perspective: "Mark Zuckerberg: An Entrepreneur’s Perspective
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by Hunter Beaumont | May 31, 2010, 11:20pm EST
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Well first of all I just wanted to take a second and let you all know about a new Blog Post Mini-Series we’ll be doing here at The Roach Post. We’re planning on putting a few of the best and brightest innovators of our day in the spotlight as we explain what they’ve done and what we like about them. You’ll see names like Chris Sacca, Dave McClure, this post’s Mark Zuckerberg, and others. We’ve done our homework on these individuals, and you’re the ones that’ll benefit from it. As a disclaimer: we do not plan to focus on these individual’s artistic preferences, spending habits, or celebrity girlfriends (for that type of editorial, please refer yourself to, or ). Instead, we will introduce each of these business-world rock stars, explain a little about them, and tell you why we think you should pay attention to them. Stick around for a bit, you might learn something!

Mark Zuckerberg: CEO and Founder of Facebook

To begin, I would like to throw out a number that is probably way too big to understand: 570 Billion. Yeah, that’s right: 570 Billion. That’s the number of pages users viewed last year, according to Google’s List of the 1000 Most Visited Websites. 570 Billion unique page views equates to about 100 pages per human being per year, or the equivalent of every person on this planet looking at one Facebook page every four days. Those are pretty serious numbers.

570 Million page views also happened to be enough to launch Mark Zuckerberg into the #158 spot on the 2009 Forbes 400, making him a 25 year old bachelor worth about $2 Billion. Not quite as much as 570 Billion, but also not too bad for only six years work. Mark is an incredibly fortunate individual. He was fortunate enough to be in the right place at the right time, and he had the initiative to take a risk and start a company that changed the world. That’s the reason I look at Mark Zuckerberg as an entrepreneurial hero: he saw his chance and ran with it, and in so doing, he rekindled hope in the American dream.

But wait, isn’t everyone angry at Mark Zuckerberg right now? Isn’t he stealing all our personal information? Doesn’t he have a website with a Privacy Policy longer than the Constitution of the United States? I understand these concerns. There has recently been a lot of heated debate about Privacy and what exactly Facebook has rights to. While I understand that this is a serious debate, I have but one suggestion: If you don’t like Facebook, don’t join it! I’d like to remind you that Facebook is both completely free and voluntary. If you don’t like the Privacy Policy, delete your account. Enough people doing that is bound to draw some of Mark’s attention. Anyway, I’m straying from my point.

Six years ago a college student named Mark created a completely free service that is now the most viewed website on the internet. Mark’s company employs only a few hundred people, but has over 400 Million members. Mark has changed the world as we know it. He’s helped friends and family stay more connected all over the world, and he’s created an immense Net Positive Benefit to society. I feel that he’s created an even more enourmous benefit to entrepreneurs in the form of hope. Mark has reminded us just how powerful a good idea is. He has also reminded us of how scalable internet companies can be. His success motivates many of us to action. My challenge to every entrepreneur reading this article is to learn a lesson from Mark Zuckerberg. It isn’t every day that a company goes from zero to 400 Million users in six years. I invite you all to gain from Mark’s successes. Check out his Wikipedia page. Google him. Read his Op-Ed in the Washington Post concerning Facebook’s Privacy Policy. Do anything you can to learn about him and from him. I bet there’s something in his story that can motivate you to take a risk and reap your due reward.

May we all have the success we’ve always dreamed of,

Hunter Beaumont

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